Chuck Hall

Senior Vice President for Strategic Growth

Professional leader and proven entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in executive level management of IT, Telecommunications and Security related business sectors.  Supporting various DOD, DoS, DOE, USACE, NAVFAC and Fed-Civil agencies in engineering & design projects involving maintenance, repair, testing, modernization, and alteration of electrical, and electronic systems.

For the past 10 plus years he’s experience has been tailored around, Classified International Construction Projects. With a recent, highly sizable, open competition capture of a multi-project award in support of Yongsan Relocation Program (YRP), he quickly transformed an emerging small business into a mid-large size company overnight, by more than quadrupling both revenue and personnel headcount within his first 12-16 months.

Mr. Hall possess exceptional capture and business development skillsets. His diverse background, industry experience and vast network of industry executives has proven to be his catalyst for successful capture initiatives, time and time again. He’s hardworking and steadfast devotion towards company loyalty has made him a household name throughout his entire professional career. Loyalty, Integrity and Dedication are his industry creed.

Mr. Hall currently performs as the SVP of Strategic Growth @ Blackwatch International and is instrumental in forming industry alliances, teaming partners and potential acquisition opportunities, along with overseeing the companywide pipeline and capture engagement processes and initiatives.

Mr. Hall is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he spent four years supporting the Amphibious Assault Class Ships and transportation and embarkation of special forces. He spent the next 15 plus years, supporting SPAWAR SYSGEN in C4I and ship modernization programs. He was an integral part of NAVAL Air Forces N435 department, assisting with the overhaul and modernization of Command & Control, along with Flag Spaces throughout our Carrier Fleet.