Cyber Security

Skill. Agility. Speed. 

In cyber security, agility beats size any day. Threats arise quickly. They can come from anywhere. Rarely do two attacks look the same.  Your cyber partner’s ability to adapt—quickly—is critical to data integrity and to your long-term success.

In cyber security, Blackwatch is leader. Our veteran team shield your valuable data from all varieties of threats common today — ransomware, phishing, hacking, etc. We prevent data breaches, spot and cut off identity theft and improve your risk-management profile. Blackwatch is your end-to-end cyber security watchdog. We are your global cyber partner.

When executing within the Risk Management Framework, conducting Penetration Testing, or building cutting-edge cyber architectures—inside or outside of the continental US—no one is more agile than Blackwatch International. Clients from across the globe rely on Blackwatch state-of-the-art cyber security approaches.

Our team is lean, but it is deeply talented and seriously experienced. We leverage the very latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Fusion, and Data Analysis technologies to protect your organization from all manner of cyber threats—ransomware, malware, phishing, and much more. We can anticipate and prevent data breaches, thwart identity theft and manage risk with the biggest companies in the business.

Blackwatch’s agility pays off in our skill at assessing new threats as rapidly as they arise. Our analysts have the capabilities and tools they need to accurately gather, examine, and analyze data to produce actionable conclusions. Our AI-based OneVision Solution applies the very latest artificial intelligence to massive datasets—once considered unmanageable—to yield unprecedented insights.

Blackwatch employees are currently deployed on Department of Defense projects at bases around the globe. We have multiple contracts with referenceable CPARs and are as comfortable with short-term deployments as we are with multi-year efforts.