Blackwatch International is a global provider of Intelligence and Analytical services to the Department of Defense, Intelligence and Law Enforcement markets. Our capabilities range from analysis and processing to reporting of intelligence data for federal and military agencies. These agencies rely upon Blackwatch’s experience and cultural awareness to make critical decisions in the field. Blackwatch staff are stationed around the world.

Cultural Advisory / Translation / Interpretation

Our global staff serve as Cultural Advisors to international customers and negotiate the difficult divide between cultures, people and government. Reaching across language barriers, Blackwatch improves knowledge and understanding of sensitive data in often-critical, high-stakes environments. We deliver key messages for companies and their international customers in the local native languages of their international customers and partners.

With Blackwatch as your partner, your content has greater cultural relevance — and your organization has greater impact — that sets you apart from the crowd.

Services include:

– Multilateral Monitoring, Transcription, Translation, and Interpretation

– Cultural Advisory services from people with direct knowledge and understanding of local customs and traditions

– Language Subject Matter Expertise — Medical, Legal, Computer Science, Engineering, Military, etc.

– Localized content creation

– Integrated language technology to improve analytics

– Human Terrain Analysis — Insight into local populations, areas of interest, and local political and military leadership in support of deployed US military commanders

– Language proficiency testing — Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

– Languages: Arabic (MSA), Arabic Levantine, Persian-Farsi, Pashtu, Russian, Turkish, Kurdish, Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu, Romanian, Somali, among others

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Blackwatch’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based OneVision platform fuses multiple sensor formats including LiDAR, HSI, MSI and others to provide advanced Geospatial Data Fusion and Activity Based Intelligence services that extend knowledge and confidence through improved pattern recognition.

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

Offering cutting-edge technology and proven processes, Blackwatch’s expert staff and key global partnerships offer a broad suite of GEOINT that can extend your knowledge and understanding of a situation before you commit to action.


With analysts who are trained to derive meaning from a totality of available information, Blackwatch International provides expert data/intelligence analysis to commanders in the field and governmental policy-makers from terrorist financing to counter-narcotics efforts.

Our analysis work includes:

– Signals intelligence (SIGINT)

– Human intelligence (HUMINT)

– Open source intelligence (OSINT)

– Counterterrorism (CT)

– Cyber threat analysis

– Counterintelligence (CI)

– All-source analysis

– Full motion video (FMV)

– Imagery intelligence (IMINT)

– Document/material exploitation (DOMEX)